Scorpions songs played by IN TRANCE
Chansons des Scorpions jouées par IN TRANCE

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In the current songlist / Jouées dans les spectacles actuels
In the song reserve / Dans les chansons de réserve

Alien Nation                                          Face the Heat  (Polygram) 1993

Always Somewhere                             Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Another Piece Of Meat                        Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Ave Maria No Morro                            Trad.Hisp.; arr. by/par Scorpions

Bad Boys Running Wild                      Love at First Sting (Mercury/Polygram) 1984

Big City Nights                                     Love at First Sting (Mercury/Polygram) 1984

Blackout                                                Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

Can't Get Enough                                 Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Can't Live Without You                         Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

China White                                          Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

Coast To Coast                                    Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Coming Home                                      Love at First Sting (Mercury/Polygram) 1984

Concerto In V                                        Live Bites (Mercury/Polygram) 1995

Deep And Dark                                    Unbreakable (BMG) 2004

Don’t Believe Her                                 Crazy World (Polygram) 1990

Don't Make No Promises                    Animal Magnetism (Mercury/Polygram) 1980 Dynamite                                               Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

He's A Woman She's A Man              Taken By Force (RCA) 1977

Hit Between The Eyes                          Crazy World (Polygram) 1990

Holiday                                                   Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Hour 1                                                     Humanity Hour 1 (BMG)  2007

Humanity                                                Humanity Hour 1 (BMG)  2007

In Search Of The Peace Of Mind        Lonesome Crow (Brain/Metronome) 1972

In Trance                                                 In Trance (RCA) 1975

Is There Anybody There                        Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Lovedrive                                                Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Love’Em Or Leave’Em                         Unbreakable (BMG) 2004

Loving You Sunday Morning                Lovedrive (Mercury/Polygram) 1979

Make It Real                                           Animal Magnetism (Mercury/Polygram) 1980

No One Like You                                   Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

No Pain No Gain                                   Face the Heat  (Polygram) 1993

Pictured Life                                          Virgin Killer (RCA) 1976

Rhythm Of Love                                     Savage Amusement (Mercury/Polygram) 1988

Rock You Like A Hurricane                  Love at First Sting (Mercury/Polygram) 1984

Send Me An Angel                                Crazy World (Polygram) 1990

Someday Is Now                                    Unbreakable (BMG) 2004

Still Loving You                                       Love at First Sting (Mercury/Polygram) 1984

Sting In The Tail                                     Sting In The Tail (UMe) 2010

Stone In My Shoe                                   Pure Instinct ( East-West-WEA) 1996

Tease Me Please Me                            Crazy World (Polygram) 1990

Under The Same Sun                            Face the Heat  (Polygram) 1993

The Zoo                                                   Animal Magnetism (Mercury/Polygram) 1980

Turn You On                                            Sting In The Tail (UMe) 2010

We Let It Rock You Let It Roll               Savage Amusement (Mercury/Polygram) 1988

We'll Burn The Sky                                 Taken By Force (RCA) 1977

When The Smoke Is Going Down         Blackout (Mercury/Polygram) 1982

Wildchild                                                  Pure Instinct ( East-West-WEA) 1996

Wind Of Change                                     Crazy World (Polygram) 1990