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About the GEAR / À propos de L'ÉQUIPEMENT
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The IN TRANCE band in 2004
L-to-R: Paul Gagné, Jeff Carrier, Steeve Chiasson, Stéphane Dorval, Marc-André Gingras (in 2004)
Lead singer Stéphane Dorval, as Klaus Meine
Stéphane Dorval
Born / né: 06.12.1970
Occupation: Full time karate instructor; vocal trainer, professional opera singer, hired gun for vocal performances.  
As IN TRANCE bandmember: lead vocals
Acts as Scorpions member: Klaus Meine
Influences: Klaus Meine, Robert Plant, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, James Labrie
Gear: -Shure Beta 58 microphone
         -Shure PSM wireless in-ear monitoring system
            -1996 PGG Gibson Nighthawk copy
            -PGG direct-fed guitar preamp

Lead guitarist Adam "Adamind" Villeneuve as Matthias Jabs

Adam Villeneuve ("Adamind")
Born / né: 04.25.1981
Occupation:  Civil engineer
As IN TRANCE bandmember: lead & rhythm guitars, talkbox, back vocals
Acts as Scorpions member: Matthias Jabs. Also Ulrich Roth and Michael Schenker
Influences: Matthias Jabs, Michael Schenker, Uli Roth, Rudolf Schenker, John Petrucci, Matthias Eklund, Kiko Louero and others 
Gear: Guitars:
- 2021 PGG Explorer 90-HH "IN TRANCE 25th Anniversary"
- 2015 PGG Acoustic Explorer  
- 2012 PGG Explorer "90" with HSS pickup config.
- 2006 PGG Magcaster (Dommenget White Zebra Mastercaster replica)
- 2007 PGG  Explorer 90 Galaxy (Dommenget  Explorer 90 Galaxy replica)
-1996 PGG Gibson Explorer 90 replica
-1998 PGG '78 Gibson Explorer replica
-1997 PGG '64 Fender Stratocaster replica
-1999 PGG '96 Fender Jabocaster prototype replica
-1987 PGG "WHINN Paulcaster-Deutschland Spezial" guitar, first ever PGG guitar; tuned down to C for Love'Em Or Leave'Em.
    WHINN = first PGG incarnation
Amps & signal processing:
-2001 PGG three-channel, hybrid (all-tube preamp/ solid-state power amp), 210W stereo guitar amp head
-TC Electronic M-300 signal processor
-Korg SDD3000 digital delay
-rackmounted PGG 30W guitar amp (for talkbox)
-various Wizard and Marshall 4-12 speaker cabinets with Celestion speakers
-custom talkbox/microphone stand

Jeff Carrier
Born / né: 09.18.1969
Occupation:USA/Canada truck driver, crazy Scorpions lovin' bass player
As IN TRANCE bandmemberbass guitar, back vocals
Acts as Scorpions member: Francis Buchholz, Ralph Rieckermann, Pawel Maciwoda
Influences: Francis Buchholz, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Ralph Rieckermann, Robert Trujillo, Stuart Hamm, Geezer Butler, Michael Anthony, Pete Way, John Entwhistle, Paul McCartney
Gear: Guitars:
-1996 5-string PGG Precision Bass
-2004 Music Man Stingray Five
-1982 Fender '62 P-Bass re-issue
-2002 Gibson Reverse Thunderbird
-Undated Cuban baby upright bass
Amps & signal processing:
-Nady 201 wireless system
-2004 Tech 21 Landmark 300 300W head
-1985 Marshall Superbass 100W head
-DBX 266XL Compressor/limiter
-Yamaha PB-1 preamp
-Peavey M-2600 poweramp
-Hartke 4 -10 cabinet
-Hartke 1 -15 cabinet

Drummer Steeve Chiasson as Herman Rarebell and James Kottak
Steeve Chiasson
Born / né: 10.23.1970
Occupation: Full-time drum teacher, studio manager, studio and live sound engineer. See .
As IN TRANCE bandmemberdrums, sequence programming
Acts as Scorpions member: Herman Rarebell & James Kottak. Also Rudy Lenners  & Jürgen Rosenthal
Influences: Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge, Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers
Gear: 1989 Tama Artstar series drumset (Amber Honey):
             -(2) 16X22 bass drums
             -(1) 11X13 tom
             -(1) 12X14 floor tom
             -(1) 14X15 floor tom
             -(1) 6.5X14 snare
             -(2) 16" Zildjian Dark crashes
             -(1) 21" Sabian Ride
             -(1) 20" Zildjian China-type
             -(1) 10" Zildjian splash
             -(1) 17" Sabian HH crash
             -(1) Dixon cowbell
    - custom-made self-standing drum riser
    - Roland MC-50 sequencer
    - Sony Minidisk player

Paul Gagné
Born / né: 05.27.1971
Occupation:Guitar repairman, guitarmaker (PGG), luthiery teacher,
As IN TRANCE bandmemberrhythm & lead guitars, back vocals
Acts as Scorpions member: Rudolf Schenker
Influences: Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Michael Schenker, Ulrich Roth, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, "Fast"Eddie Clarke, Mick Mars, Peter Frampton, Pete Townsend, Peter Green, Warren Haynes, Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Hetfield, Gene Simmons
Gear: Guitars:
-1974 Gibson Flying V (Black/white)
-1980 Gibson Flying V (Pelham Blue)
-1991 PGG Flying V (natural mahogany) tuned down to C for Love'Em Or Leave'Em
-1998 PGG Flying V (Seafoam Green) 
-2000 PGG Flying V (7/8 size, white, mirror pickguard)
-2001 Epiphone Korina '58 re-issue
-2003 PGG Gibson Centennial Flying V replica (all gold, pearloid pickguard) tuned down to D
-2003 PGG WFO hot-rod Flying V replica (flames paint; chrome exhaust pipes; built-in smoke machine)
-2004 PGG Benz V replica (silver, Mercedes-Benz crests in body and headstock)
-2006 PGG "Airliner Vee" custom, multi-function guitar (removable wings, built-in wireless transmitter, vintage/modern mode switch for Gibson 498T pickup, Graphtech Ghost FAAS piezo-acoustic saddles  w/PGG preamp, Grover Rotomatic locking keys, Chrysler 300 "Cool Vanilla" color, chrome hardware)
-2011 PGG "Veetanus" (Tetanus Flying Vee guitar) made with detachable "wings", head and neck for travel. Basswood body, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Grover rotomatic tuners located inside the body. EMG-81 pickup. ALL components were custom-made or altered on purpose, and treated to corrode and rust heavily for artistic purposes.
-2011 PGG "SteamVee" (Steampunk Flying Vee guitar) made with detachable "wings" (made from copper pipings), head and neck for travel. Fully fonctional Victorian VU-meter, DiMarzio D-Activator inside handmade brass cover. Grover rotomatic tuners located inside the body. Basswood body covered with bronze painted canvas with brass rivets. Neck made from maple/walnut laminates, rosewood fingerboard with brass inlays/mahogany binding, Lighted vacuum tube inside head. All screws are "slot" head to fit Steampunk rules. Brass, copper, leather and wood fittings. Fully adjustable handmade bridge. ALL PARTS WERE HANDMADE by PGG Guitars
-2021 PGG "Britto Vee" Replica of Rudolf Schenker's Gibson Flying Vee painted by Brazilian artist Romero Britto. All handmade by PGG-Paul Gagné Guitars.

-1967 Gibson Everly Brothers acoustic guitar (natural)
-1982 Ovation Balladeer (black; played on custom stand)
-2016 PGG "Acoustica Vee"  Acoustic Flying Vee guitar handmade by PGG-Paul Gagné Guitars
-2016 "Acoustica 12"" 12-string stand-mounted acoustic guitar handmade by PGG-Paul Gagné Guitars
Amps & signal processing:
-Samson CR-3X wireless system (2)
-Audio 2000 wireless system (Airliner Vee)
-Korg DTR-1 rackmount tuner
-ENGL E-620 tube preamp
-Digitech DSP-256XL signal processor
-Alesis Microverb digital reverb
-PGG 200W poweramp
-various PGG, ENGL and Marshall 4 -12 speaker cabinets with Celestion speakers
-1974 HIWATT DR-504 50W head
-1980's ENGL Straight 100W head

Paul's +Jeff's cabinets at soundcheck 08-05-2005

2016 PGG guitar used for Coast To Coast

PGG Nighthawk copy used by singer Stéphane on Coast To Coast between 1996 and 2015

2021 PGG Explorer 90 - IN TRANCE 25th Anniversary

2012 PGG Explorer "90" HSS

PGG Explorer 90 Galaxy head

PGG Explorer 90 Galaxy body details
2007 PGG Explorer 90 Galaxy
2006 PGG "Magcaster" (Mastercaster replica)
Adam's main guitars (all PGG-made replicas)

'96 PGG Explorer 90, '78 Gibson Explorer, '64 Fender Stratocaster, '99 PGG Jabocaster prototype rep.
Adam's amp rig (description at left)

2015 PGG Acoustic Explorer

Lead guitar side 4-12 cabinets at soundcheck 08-05-2005
Hannover 96, Hannover Sechundneunzig, Scorpions
'87 PGG Paulcaster
Bassist Jeff Carrier as Francis Buchholz, Ralph Rieckermann and Pawel Maciwoda
Jeff with Music Man Stingray 5
Jeff's actual system
TECH 21 Landmark 300 amp, DBX 266XL comp/limiter
Jeff's gear (in 2003)
1996 PGG 5-string P-Bass, Marshall 100W head, Hartke cabs, Peavey poweramps, PGG cab
Steeve's drums
Rhythm guitarist Paul Gagné as Rudolf Schenker

2021 PGG replica of Gibson Britto Vee

Paul's main Flying V's
'74 Gibson V, '80 Gibson V, '91 PGG V, '98 PGG V, '98 PGG V
2001 Epiphone Korina V, 2002 PGG Centennial, 2003 WFO hot-rod replica, '67 Gibson Everly Brothers
Paul amp rig (description at left)
2004 PGG Benz V replica
2006 PGG Airliner Vee
Stand-mounted Ovation used for Wind Of Change between 1996 and 2006

2016 PGG Acoustica XII

2016 PGG Acoustica Vee

2017 PGG Polish Vee

2011 PGG "Veetanus" guitar (Tetanus Flying Vee)
steampunk guitar
2011 PGG "SteamVee" ('Steampunk' Flying Vee Guitar)

Check the "Veetanus" photo album on Facebook.